Social Media Marketing

The cutting-edge social media marketing strategies we come up with and implement at Pictocorp will drive your brand’s social engagement exponentially.


Beginning with clever, contemporary post conceptualizing, and carefully planned segmenting of target audiences, we start laying the groundwork for your brand’s entire social media marketing strategy, with the aim of propelling lead generation.

Just the prospect of seeing your brand’s social media presence grow steadily to a position of prominence across all major platforms is enough to get our creative juices flowing.

The attention is fabulous and the staff is superb. In a matter of days I had a tremendous proposal, above and beyond our expectations. We could not have picked a better team of professionals to represent us. They are and will remain my “web guys” in the future to come.

Neha Tomar​

Technology we use

PHP, .Net, Python, HTML5,  JavaScript and other programming languages


LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a must-target platform for all companies that provide B2B services. We at Pictocorp can help you leverage the platform to reach out to the top brass of companies and those in powerful managerial positions who are in charge of decision-making. We go about doing so by creating authentic LinkedIn-oriented content that is specially designed to appeal to users of the platform.

We then utilize LinkedIn’s ‘Sponsored Post’ feature to boost the reach of the content that we post. As a result of doing so, our content gets featured in the news feeds of more CEOs, CMOs, COOs, CTOs, and others.

Linkedin Marketing
Instagram Marketing


Instagram Marketing

Instagram has the second-largest user base next to Facebook. The best way for small to medium scale businesses to reach out to their target audiences on this platform is through fresh and appealing visual content.

As a matter of fact, more users on Instagram follow accounts of brands and companies that they like and adore, than any other social media platform. Instagram also consists of a broad and considerably even user-base in terms of age and male-to-female demographics.

When you opt for this service, our strategists will take full control of your Instagram account, defining your brand image, strategically posting images and videos that engage and enthrall audiences, periodically updating stories that offer snippets of deals, fresh products, new services, and plenty more.


Facebook Marketing

It is our belief that when it comes to marketing a brand on Facebook, it is best to do so with a broader, long-term goal-oriented strategy in mind.

Irrespective of whether these objectives are to boost web traffic, improve lead generation, address customers on a more personal level, securing a concrete base of loyal clientele, or otherwise, our process involves the constant performance monitoring of individual posts and ads, as well as the steadfast optimization of daily posts (until they are able to reach the pinnacle of user engagement).

We also like to keep our clients involved throughout the entire process, collecting suggestions, building a database of ideas, implementing them, and reporting back on the progress being made on a weekly and monthly basis, so that they are constantly kept in the loop.

Facebook Marketing

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